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I am a creative leader. I believe that our greatest creative tool is each other. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in creativity by group-think. But I do believe in following the inspiration that comes from turning your open heart and mind toward the skills and value of other creative people. I believe they will make you – and your ideas – better if you know how to let that happen. It's in this spirit that I have led some very effective and award-winning creative teams. 

I have a second tenet, if you're interested. It's accountability. We owe our best intelligence, insight and effort to our clients, to our targets, to ourselves, and mostly, to our ideas. This work is fun, yes, but it's also work. 

Speaking of which, I hope you like my work.  

I'm available for hire or to consult. I can lead a team or work on my own to help you get to big ideas. I am a writer and a designer by trade - that's my best take away from film school. I can write and design concepts for presentation and sell-in, or help you do that. Or perhaps you have other ideas. Let's hear them.

Portrait by Jimmy Suzan,

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